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If you’re still relying on people to act as the “glue” between fragmented HR systems, data, and processes, then you likely have hidden compliance issues that place your business at risk. Federal and state regulations change regularly – and trying to keep abreast of these changes and enforcing them across all locations can be nearly impossible without automated tools. Think about everything that can go wrong during the hiring process alone – or what would happen if you couldn’t provide federal investigators an audit trail in the event of an investigation regarding your hiring practices. To minimize risk of noncompliance with state and federal mandates, ActionHRM gives you the integrated processes and controls you need to enforce procedures and regulatory compliance and limit opportunities for fraud.
For example, ActionHRM enables you to:

  • Control user permissions and data access rights
  • Ensure that your staff follows procedures and completes them correctly and consistently
  • Automatically generate a complete audit trail for every activity and data change
  • Enforce compliance with your company’s own internal policies – for example, for performance appraisals, disaster recovery plans, and staff development
  • Empower HR managers to easily track employee incidents, employee license and certifications, and job skill requirements
  • Ensure that employee-related paperwork and document files are safely and securely organized as part of employee records
  • Set up alerts for employees, the HR department, and managers regarding necessary steps needed to meet corporate compliance requirements
  • Generate reports in seconds to meet regulatory requirements