Full Employee Lifecycle

ActionHRM provides full employee lifecycle HRM solutions that help midsize companies increase employee productivity, improve compliance and reduce HR costs – all through an easy to use, on demand solution that adds to your HR without headcount.

Plans & Prices

Our solutions are scalable, modular and device friendly. With three (3) main packages - CoreHR, ExtendedHR & EnterpriseHR, we have you covered. ActionHRM also provides tailored functional delivery aligning to exact requirements, service expectations & budget.

Why ActionHRM?

Tired of relying on spreadsheet and paper-based processes, or a patchwork of disparate solutions to manage HR? With ActionHRM, your HR department will become a productivity engine, reducing risk and costs while improving employee engagement and HR outcomes.

HR Made Easy!

ActionHRM eliminates ad-hoc HR systems and data integration pain. Manage, develop, report and deliver process automation with our world class Software as a Service (SaaS) HR solution. People data and process management from a single application has never been easier!

Device Friendly

ActionHRM uses responsive web technologies to provide out-of-the-box support for all of today’s web devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Our solution is ready for your global and mobile workforce with multi language, company, country, and timezone support.

hrms on mac
hrms on macpro
hrms on ipad
hrms on iphone

Some Client Comments

  • Thanks to the ActionHRM user interface, which is easy to navigate and use, no one needed training, which was a pleasant surprise.

    Lyn Krivohlavy, Payroll Manager, Miele Australia
    our customers
  • I see the new user interface is installed – it’s so much faster! Loving all the easy searching and I’ve only had a quick look!

    Johanna Abbot, Services Planner, Convatech
    our customers
  • We can approve workflows via mobile, view resumes, etc. The feel of it is great as well. I'm impressed.

    Michelle Edwards, Human Resource Coordinator, APM
    our customers
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