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CoreHR & Self Service

ActionHRM helps you effectively organise, staff, and deliver HR self service including employee file, workflow and security smarts. Easily manage the complete employee HR lifecycle in ActionHRM via any mainstream internet browser.

  • Create, manage, and modify your organisational structure that links to the request and security engines.

  • Empower HR and business users to configure, manage, and optimise their workflow processes and needs.

  • Provide employees, managers, and executives with a consistent, engaging, and social experience across all devices.

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Recruitment & Jobs Board

Make your recruiting smart and get the best applicant hired easily and quickly. With instant search functionality and all relevant data in a single system, you can identify, hire and onboard the best talent.

  • Review candidate profiles and take action from any device

  • Easily links with your own website and popular job boards for online job applications

  • Empower your managers with recruitment self service that features inbuilt notification and contract generation

  • Easily raise new hire requests and coordinate onboarding and other pre and post employment tasks and activities.

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Payroll Integration & Open APIs

ActionHRM can integrate with your payroll solution or provider. We offer a range of automated API (Application Programming Interface) based connections to many mid-market payroll solutions.

  • Automatically send and receive new starters, termination, and other demographic and employee detail updates.

  • Receive payslips, tax certificates and bank account changes.

  • A smart pay extraction easily allows file feeds to payroll solutions and providers for time, attendance, and expense and bonus payments. This engine takes the guess work out of late approvals and split leave payments, making batch processing and exports a breeze.

  • Visit our partner page or contact us today to discuss your integration requirements.

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Org Management, Time & Attendance

ActionHRM organisation management allows you to build and manage your workforce according to your business dimensions and organisation structures. It’s never been easier to ensure that reporting, workflow, and security management stays in sync with organisational changes.

  • Business users can easily define, copy, and manage their own workflow streamlining business processes.

  • Manage contingent labor and employees in one place for complete visibility of your workforce.

  • Easily track, manage and trigger alerts for all key dates including probation periods, contracts, checks and other HR events.

  • With a powerful workflow engine you can eliminate paper, headache and reduce processing time and costs thats fully supported with audit, escalation and document management

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Performance & Succession

Hiring the right people is only part of the challenge. Make talent your business with ActionHRM and invest in your people and their future so that you’re ready for whatever comes next. ActionHRM delivers management and insight so that you can understand the talent landscape and allows you to align high-performers with key business objectives, while developing tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Understand the strengths of your teams and target areas for development while aligning your organisation objectives.

  • Create, track and report on goals and tasks from any device for increased productivity.

  • Foster a collaborative dialogue for improved performance and employee development between employees and managers.

  • Create a plan for the future. ActionHRM's Succession Planning allows you to identify retention risk and build, manage, effective succession plans for all essential jobs.

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Training & Development

Drive development and deliver success with strategic and targeting training. ActionHRM's comprehensive Training and Development system allows you to define requirements, identify training and compliance gaps and match and deliver effective learning and training.

  • Give your organisation complete visibility and access to elearning resources allowing employees to plan ahead to build the skills required to add more value to the team.

  • Make training compliance easy with flexible training assignment against jobs, locations and even specific organisational units.

  • Integrate learning and development in your performance management and planning processes.

  • Create, manage and deliver your own learning content via ActionHRM's elearning tool, whilst also delivering and managing SCORM compliant packages.

  • Deliver face to face training with invite, request and bookings. Easily integrate 3rd party learning content systems.

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Workplace Safety & Compliance

ActionHRM covers all aspects of planning and managing risk, safety and compliance. Our paperless, easy-to-use solution leaves a complete audit trail, and connects everyone involved in a particular project, job or location. ActionHRM WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) allows you proactively identify, control, and manage workplace health and safety incidents and hazards for improved safety and reduced risk.

  • Manage incidents and hazards from an intial report, invesigation, action completion and signoff.

  • Tailored incident and hazard reports allow you to easily cater for all types and incidents and ensure the system is setup to make your workplace safer.

  • Integrates employee health review and licencing frameworks to eliminate compliance and reduce human risk.s

  • Interactive dashboards and powerful search and reporting make management, and internal and external reporting a breeze.

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Time & Attendance

Spend more time working on uplifting your HR practice, not tracking or triple checking manual timesheets or leave requests. ActionHRM includes integrated timesheets and absence request management, tracking and reporting.

  • Track time more efficiently with complete, unified system for time and attendance and HR. A time clock, timesheet and leave system that is easily configured for different countries and needs.

  • Eliminate manual time entries and redundant processes. Reduce labor costs by analysing overtime trends, and more accurately cost and bill projects with flexbile allocation structures and approval rules.

  • Enable managers to make smarter decisions with embedded smarts including automated overtime calculations, automated absence management policy restrictions with easy management and planning.

  • Stop managing costly, time-consuming integrations. Easily export for payment or processing using our smart extraction engine with no cut-offs or late approval stress or management hassles.

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Reporting & Dashboards

ActionHRM has many online reports. These reports can be individually changed using a series of online filters to meet specific requirements.

A range of information data displays (dashboards and dashlets) are also available. Customisation to meet your company requirements if specified in the sales process is also an option, or simply added as an optional feature as a seperate future deliverable.

All ActionHRM data can be made available to the BSI which has multiple standard scripted report and portals available for clients. This system is an optional add-on module for customers. ActionHRM can assist with the creation of additional reports or analysis (at an additional cost).

Data elements and their movements are kept within an enterprise database for each client, which means the amount of total storage is virtually unlimited. Reporting and business intelligence database analysis is essential for influencing future human capital decisions within developed mid-tier organisations.

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On Boarding & Off Boarding

ActionHRM onboarding engine allows you to automate your employee onboarding so your employees can hit the ground running, ensuring a smooth and productive start to their employment. Exit processing is a breeze with ActionHRM's workflow and task framework ensuring communication, management and exit procedures and processes are followed. Reducing cost, risk and reducing replacement timelines.

  • Generate employment offers and contracts in seconds with direct integration with out recruitment solution.

  • Automatically create, route and ensure tasks, policy acceptance and other checklists are completed with onboarding access from any device.

  • Easily incorporate exit checks, procedures and communication is completed on time with our workflow based exit procedures.

  • Auto tirgger different actions in stages, first day, first week, first month first year etc.

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